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Why Bother?

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So, you have received an invitation to attend a supplier event. What do you do? Read it and accept or straight away decline? If it's the latter, do you ask yourself "why should I bother attending?"

In the first half of this year, LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions organised its two big annual Share events with a combined attendance of 160 clients. 6th March saw the Lexis Visualfiles Share event being held in Birmingham and on 19th June, the Lexis InterAction Share event being held in London.

So why did these 160 clients bother to attend? What did they get out of attending? We asked them these very questions, and the common five key reasons cited were:

  1. Opportunity to network with peers and LexisNexis solution experts .
  2. To learn how other organisations are using the technology.
  3. To obtain industry insights.
  4. To learn about the exciting roadmap/future development of the technology.
  5. To gain tips on how be more effective in my job.

Let's take each of the five elements and explore each a little further.

Networking - This is the most popular reason our attendees state they attend our events for. It's an opportunity to get to know and meet new people from other firms. Also, it's a time to interact with their Account Manager, Client Advisor or senior executives at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions.

How others use Visualfiles or InterAction – During the events, attendees do an incredible amount of sharing, learning and leveraging. They discuss how they are using the software and how it is benefiting them personally and their firm.

Industry insights – We always have external speakers presenting who offer insight into the key areas affecting the industry. For instance, this year's speakers included a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) expert, a social media guru and client insight experts, to name a few.

Future development of our technologies – Attendees learn ahead of public company announcements, about the future product roadmaps and how the new functionalities will help their organisations address some of the business challenges. Attendees are then able go back and plan for the enhancements/upgrades at their firm.

Effectiveness in my job – This last one really is a mélange of all the above benefits/reasons for attending. Regardless of the specific role they play in their organisation, the learnings from the day help the attendees to become more effective in their job.

Surveys from the events this year revealed that 100% of Visualfiles attendees and 96% of InterAction attendees who responded said that the event met or exceeded their expectations. For us this is great feedback, but we hope that this blog has given you enough reason to attend supplier events.

At the 2018 InterAction Share event, we filmed some of the action. Click here to watch the video in case you missed it!

Our InterAction and Visualfiles User Forums, which are 'client only' events, are coming up shortly. If you are a client and would like to attend, please visit the new InterAction User Forum microsite here or for the Visualfiles User Forums contact (microsite coming soon).

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