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Better From the Inside: A Video Series by Karl Southern - Part Four:

Better From the Inside: A Video Series by Karl Southern - Part Four: "Collaborate"

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I spoke in my last video about consuming Visualfiles. I included a short list of people you may wish to collaborate with in that video. It’s by no means a definitive list.

It’s easy to think we do processes alone, without assistance from others, particularly those outside your organisation. It doesn’t have to be that way. Process optimisation should work on collaboration in the same way:

  • Do we need to do it? (If so, carry on; if not, bin it).
  • Can we automate it? (Or at the very least, automate telling them they have to do something).
  • Do we have the right person to do the task? (Or could the collaborator do it?).

Bringing others into the heart of the process helps drive that process and instils a greater sense of partnership. It also opens up the benefits of collaboration: fulfilling obligations, saving time, reducing case durations and providing a better service.

Whom do you want as collaborators? Need some help talking through the possibilities? Then, get in touch with your account manager to get us involved.

Better From the Inside: A Video Series by Karl Southern - Part Four: Collaborate

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