Nigel Williams
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Posted by | Dec 11, 2014

When I’m talking to customers a common concern I hear is the perceived challenge of upgrading key operational systems. Of course it’s not just a Visualfiles issue, but our investment in Visualfiles 2014 has caused an explosion of interest and people clearly want to move to this version of the system.

Posted by | Dec 01, 2014

Winning fee earners over with CRM reporting

Reporting is one of the quickest and most effective ways to achieve fee earner buy in for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Why? Because it quickly demonstrates how your CRM system can deliver real value. And, because your CRM system is one of the key mechanisms for tracking and managing business development, it makes sense to focus reporting…

LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions

Posted by | Nov 28, 2014

When talking to firms recently it’s become clear that targeting, prospecting and sales are hot topics and I guess it should be no surprise. These days reputation alone is no longer enough to retain and gain business.

Posted by | Nov 24, 2014

Acquisitions and mergers are increasingly common in the legal market and the objective is clear - to increase market share and exploit synergies between firms.

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Posted by | Sep 10, 2014

GUEST BLOGGER: Nicholas Bull, Systems Developer, Veale Wasbrough Vizards (VWV) offers 7 useful tips for developing with Lexis® Visualfiles™

Simon Farthing
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Posted by | Aug 28, 2014

Even if you are complying with the Data Protection Act in accordance with the letter of the Act have you considered how you handle your files and the information in them in accordance with your professional and ethical obligations to your clients? Can anyone in your practice see anything at any time?