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St Nicholas was a fourth century Bishop in a place called Myra (now regarded as Turkey), famed for his generosity, he was known to have made secret gifts to the needy.

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This is an article about priorities, perspective and incentives.

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When we started to put together the agenda for this year's LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions User Forums, my team and I contemplated some of the common difficulties experienced by clients trying to increase software adoption.

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Recently it has felt as if Britain has been casting a wistful eye over its shoulder towards a former version of itself.

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Even if you are complying with the Data Protection Act in accordance with the letter of the Act have you considered how you handle your files and the information in them in accordance with your professional and ethical obligations to your clients? Can anyone in your practice see anything at any time?

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Nobody likes complaints, or at least no one that I’ve yet met. They take up chargeable time and they challenge our reputation, we would like them to go away as quickly as possible but are we are missing a trick?