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We have just gone past the date (21st October 2015) when Marty McFly enters the future in the second of the Back to the Future franchise having “travelled” from 1985. I thought it may be interesting to look at a few things that have changed have changed in the world of IT and also remind myself of those things that never seem to change.

Richard Hinton
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In 25 years of working with conveyancing firms, a perennial problem has been accurately planning the development of a conveyancing business. There always seems to be too many cross winds capable of blowing a plan seriously off course that conveyancers can neither control nor in many cases, anticipate.

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Successful law firms grow and prosper. They have a winning culture that delivers exceptional service to clients and drives them forward. But what are the key characteristics of that culture? Here are my top six, based on my discussions with senior partners over the years:

Martin Siddle
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AI is being touted as the next “big thing” in legal technology...

Andrew Lindsay

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The legal industry is littered with examples of technology purchases that have gone awry!

Simone Shell

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The culture of an organisation represents the collective behaviour of individuals and is often described as ‘the way we do things around here’. It’s the way people in the organisation behave, think and interact...