The New SRA Rules – What They Mean from a Practical Standpoint preview
Simon Farthing

Posted by | Sep 09, 2019

The SRA is introducing new standards, that are scheduled to take effect on 25 November 2019, to allow solicitors greater flexibility in how they work and simplify accounting rules.

Who holds the real levers of change? preview
Richard Hinton

Posted by | Jun 04, 2019

Sure, we’re evolving – everyone and everything evolves, doesn’t it? Sometimes the pace is slow other times it feels faster. In a Darwinian sense, there are winners and losers at each turn as we respond to changes in our environment, but who holds the real levers of change in the property market?

Driving Business Performance - The Formula 1 Blog Series preview
Simon Farthing
Tags: Blog Series

Posted by | May 09, 2019

How can law firms drive greater profitability, efficiency and quality?

Characteristics of a winning case management system preview
Simon Farthing

Posted by | May 08, 2019

I started this blog series on the eve of a much anticipated 2019 Formula One season thinking about the elements that make up a successful F1 team.

Breaking down barriers to communication preview
Simon Farthing

Posted by | May 01, 2019

In my previous blog in this series I reflected on the extraordinary teamwork that goes into producing a Formula 1 champion.

Teamwork makes the difference preview
Simon Farthing

Posted by | Apr 09, 2019

As I've already observed in an earlier blog in this series, it's the best driver in the best car who normally has the best chance of winning a Formula 1 race.