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As I’m sure you’ve seen, on September 3rd 2013 Microsoft confirmed that it is to buy Nokia’s mobile phone business and license its patents. The all cash €5.4bn deal is massive - 32,000 Nokia employees will transfer to Microsoft, of whom 4,700 will be in Finland. Microsoft also committed to building a new data centre in Finland to service its customers.

Posted by | Jul 04, 2013

In almost all walks of life the customer has the upper hand when it comes to deciding the value of products and services. Think of art sales at top-end auction houses. Their experts always give a valuation, but very often the price achieved surprises them by being higher or lower. The customer defines the true value.

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It’s time to change the industry, not try and sit out the storm...

Posted by | May 16, 2013

As the Law Society plans a new accreditation scheme for non-qualified paralegal staff, is it time to think about how your HR systems integrate with the rest of your business?

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Staff accounts for one of the highest proportion of costs undertaken by law firms. It is not hard to see why – in this people-centric business, a law firm’s success to a large extent depends on the ability of its staff to leverage their experience, expertise and knowledge to deliver value and services to the organisation’s customers.

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Many firms are exploring alternative investment options today. To successfully secure external investment, firms need to strategically position themselves as attractive investment targets. Business Management System (BMS) as a technology can enable law firms to meet investors’ selection criteria, which typically include scalability of business, firm’s growth potential and quality of earnings.