Posted by | Nov 06, 2013

Why law firms should think carefully about developing IT solutions. Today, technology is at the heart of every law firm. It’s vital to improve service and optimise costs. And, as it becomes more and more ubiquitous in our everyday lives, expectations of what can be achieved are continually growing.

Posted by | Oct 29, 2013

Sixty two per cent of client CEOs say that the impression of being a well-managed advisory firm is an essential pre-condition of selection of a professional services organisation, according to a recent Financial Times report entitled ‘Effective Client-Advisor Relationships’. The only way to be perceived as being well managed is to actually ‘be’ a well-managed advisory. In fact, aside from helping firms to be selected by prospective customers, being well-managed aids profitability and client retention too.

Posted by | Sep 25, 2013

With new business models taking hold and international expansion into new and emerging markets becoming a strategic priority for many law firms, commercial acumen of the highest level is required by players in the legal sector. Strong financial management is now critical to business success, and CFOs need to play a critical role in executing business strategy and organisational goals of law firms.

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As I’m sure you’ve seen, on September 3rd 2013 Microsoft confirmed that it is to buy Nokia’s mobile phone business and license its patents. The all cash €5.4bn deal is massive - 32,000 Nokia employees will transfer to Microsoft, of whom 4,700 will be in Finland. Microsoft also committed to building a new data centre in Finland to service its customers.

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In almost all walks of life the customer has the upper hand when it comes to deciding the value of products and services. Think of art sales at top-end auction houses. Their experts always give a valuation, but very often the price achieved surprises them by being higher or lower. The customer defines the true value.

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It’s time to change the industry, not try and sit out the storm...