Technology Will Continue to Drive Change, But Some of the Old 'Human' Ways Will Remain preview

Posted by | Nov 22, 2017

Many professions, from legal and accountancy to banking and insurance, are embracing new technology and change.

Case Management Technology…put clients at the centre of law firm delivery preview
David Green

Posted by | Nov 08, 2017

Case Management is not new to the legal sector. It has long been a necessity for a law firm whether undertaking high value specialist legal work or high volume process driven transactions.

Technology Can Help Firms Demonstrate 'Value' to Clients preview
Martin Siddle

Posted by | Oct 19, 2017

A recent survey of over 800 corporate clients finds that many big law firms are failing to deliver value for money or stick to their quoted budgets.

Problems and Solutions – Making the Right Choices with Technology preview
LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions

Posted by | Oct 03, 2017

When talking to decision makers, I am still amazed at how many of them settle for systems that they believe offer what their business needs – without carrying out full due diligence.

How Safe are Your Development and Test Systems? preview
Marcus Hutchinson

Posted by | Sep 26, 2017

We all take for granted that our live production systems are safe.

How long is a piece of string? preview
Shaun Denham

Posted by | Sep 13, 2017

My dear old grandad used to have an answer to the age-old question: "How long is a piece of string?"