Christmas Past, Christmas Future. preview

Posted by | Dec 14, 2017

As the ghost of Christmas past did for Ebenezer Scrooge, I would like to take you back in time, back to the year 1818, and back to the year that the business you now call LexisNexis was formed.

Technology Will Continue to Drive Change, But Some of the Old 'Human' Ways Will Remain preview

Posted by | Nov 22, 2017

Many professions, from legal and accountancy to banking and insurance, are embracing new technology and change.

'Datanapping' - The Latest Cyber Threat Hitting the Pockets of Law Firms preview

Posted by | Aug 10, 2017

You know about ransomware. A hacker infiltrates your IT systems, locking them down until you pay a ransom. Some studies now estimate that over 50% of businesses have experienced this type of attack in the last year, and it's particularly prevalent within the legal sector.

Why Your Firm Will Need to Re-assess its IT Risks preview

Posted by | Aug 03, 2017

From May 2018, it’s likely that your law firm’s risk assessments will be wrong. This is because GDPR comes into force which changes the way in which organisations should view risk.

Five IT Threats That Will Harm Your Firm’s GDPR Compliance preview

Posted by | Jul 27, 2017

Law firms hold a wealth of sensitive information. This blog highlights five risk areas for firms when it comes to ensuring that IT systems are secure enough to protect data and comply with the GDPR.

Posted by | Feb 13, 2017

As a law firm, you understand the importance of keeping client information confidential.