Save a KISS for Visualfiles preview
Nigel Williams
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Posted by | Sep 04, 2017

We are often astonished at the brilliant and complex systems that our clients build using Visualfiles. These market-leading organisations have spent a lot of time and effort developing their workflows and the resulting solutions allow their business to operate at optimum efficiency in a variety of different sectors

An 'Agile' Visualfiles Development Team – What Does It Mean? preview
Stefan Leggett
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Posted by | Sep 01, 2017

Software development is a weird and wonderful world – on the one hand we are working to innovate, excite and transform; on the other hand, we also need to develop a consistent, robust and stable product.

Is New Business Slipping Through Your Fingers? There’s a Solution preview
Martin Siddle
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Posted by | Aug 22, 2017

Shopper Anonymous recently completed research on how proactive and successful law firms are in following up on incoming enquiries (in person, telephone and online) for common work types such as property, wills and commercial business.

Case Management Underpinned by AI and Automation Delivers Rapid ROI preview
Alex Dobson
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Posted by | Aug 16, 2017

Today, case management systems are widely deployed in law firms, because it’s become the ‘done thing’ to do.

New Money Laundering Legislation Demands Greater Focus on Risk & Compliance by Law Firms preview
Shaun Denham
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Posted by | Aug 14, 2017

In previous years, the words 'risk and compliance' had become synonymous with "red tape" and "process stalling".

The UK Conveyancing Market – A Case Study on the Benefits Technology Can Deliver preview
Martin Siddle
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Posted by | Aug 08, 2017

A recent survey reported that the UK conveyancing market is undergoing a major revolution with more property transactions than ever being processed by fewer and fewer people doing the work.