Conveyancers Need Technology to Withstand Market Fluctuations preview
Richard Hinton

Posted by | May 08, 2017

Conveyancing firms are potentially in brace position as they look to ride out this new period of uncertainty caused by the recent announcement of a snap election on 8 June 2017. This dip in housing transactions isn’t unusual. Industry analysis over several previous general elections shows that a drop in housing transactions is typical.

Smart Technology Key to Competing in an Unpredictable Conveyancing Market in 2017 preview
Thomas Pearsall

Posted by | Apr 10, 2017

Recent industry research shows that conveyancers must brace themselves for an uncertain market in the face of Brexit and industry consolidation.

Clare Goldstone

Posted by | Oct 10, 2016

The recent LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions user forums included a session on selling Lexis Visualfiles internally to the business. I am sure that a number of the delegates thought, "Oh that is not something that is relevant to me", but is that actually the case?

Posted by | Sep 28, 2016

Recently it has felt as if Britain has been casting a wistful eye over its shoulder towards a former version of itself.

Thomas Pearsall

Posted by | Jun 23, 2016

The excellent two-part blog “Conveyancers beware!” by Richard Mathias got me thinking about what else could be done in the future to help avoid the damaging criminal and fraud cases taking place in the conveyancing sector.

Richard Mathias

Posted by | May 26, 2016

Conveyancing is always seen as a legal process that can be automated and there’s no doubt that technology can process a case.