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Business development (BD) should always be structured in a team-centric format. This is especially important in an industry where the fee earners only practice or apply their BD skills for a few hours per week.

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If you wanted to become a great violinist, you would not watch a few videos and practice by yourself in your room. If you wanted to be an elite swimmer, you would not take a couple lessons and then do laps by yourself in the local swimming pool.

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If you are looking to invest in a new CRM system, or if you are considering a complete review of your existing CRM system you need help to achieve your objectives. Through his four-blog series ‘Building a Business Case for CRM’, Daryl Cross shares his considerable experience of reviewing, implementing and planning for a successful CRM system

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If you have gotten building a business case for CRM and received approval, congratulations!

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CRM requires software, hardware, people, data hygiene, planning time, consulting expertise, system downtime, a few dashes of frustration and a touch of debate.

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What is CRM supposed to do? It depends who you ask.