Posted by | Dec 08, 2014

Struggling to get buy in from fee earners when it comes to customer relationship management(CRM)? Getting the reaction that CRM is a contact database or something marketing do? If these sound familiar, it’s time to start selling CRM to your fee earners.

Posted by | Dec 01, 2014

Winning fee earners over with CRM reporting

Reporting is one of the quickest and most effective ways to achieve fee earner buy in for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Why? Because it quickly demonstrates how your CRM system can deliver real value. And, because your CRM system is one of the key mechanisms for tracking and managing business development, it makes sense to focus reporting…

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Acquisitions and mergers are increasingly common in the legal market and the objective is clear - to increase market share and exploit synergies between firms.

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Today business growth is a key driver for mergers and as firms strive to fulfil this goal they must simultaneously take a strategic approach to amalgamating their marketing and business development machineries.

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Developing a management strategy that maximises the value of your data.