Posted by | Nov 23, 2018

As we enter autumn, the weather is turning stormier, and it seems to be a similar story in the world of data security.

Posted by | Jul 20, 2018

Technological innovations have now become standard, with each new technology promising to be a game-changer for business ‘in the future’.

Posted by | Sep 04, 2017

We are often astonished at the brilliant and complex systems that our clients build using Visualfiles. These market-leading organisations have spent a lot of time and effort developing their workflows and the resulting solutions allow their business to operate at optimum efficiency in a variety of different sectors

Posted by | Dec 14, 2015

The recently reported demise of The Law Society sponsored Veyo conveyancing portal raises the question: what makes a successful software product?

Posted by | Nov 18, 2015

I was recently invited to speak at a conference about data security – not the most exciting of topics you might say!

Posted by | Nov 03, 2015

With the housing market picking up, conveyancing firms realise that they need to offer (at the very least) the pre-recession level of service again, but the technology landscape has actually moved forward in the interim.