Lexis® Visualfiles 360

Your free-of-charge Lexis® Visualfiles check-up and review

Lexis Visualfiles is a highly agile and configurable tool. To get the very best from it we know that you need to continue to assess the needs of your ever-changing business and to keep on top of both new functionality and latest versions of the software to meet those needs.

As a valued customer, we believe that this is something you shouldn’t have to do alone. We want to ensure that Lexis Visualfiles continues to support you and delivers best value for your investment as your business continues to change and evolve. To that end, we’d like to offer you a free-of-charge Lexis Visualfiles 360 Review.

What's included in a 360 Review?

A member of our Client Advising team will spend a day with your business and look at how you use Lexis Visualfiles. He or she will discuss any issues you’re concerned about, and any opportunities for the future.

Who are the Client Advising team?

The Client Advising team is made up of Lexis Visualfiles experts who bring with them real-world experience as lawyers, business analysts, project managers, IT leaders and Visualfiles developers. Their hands-on knowledge of Lexis Visualfiles will help them identify areas for improvement, and put together a plan to ensure the software continues to support your ambitions.

What happens next?

Following the review, you’ll receive a short personalised report making recommendations on next steps for your organisation’s Visualfiles deployment.

It’s completely up to you whether you act on the report’s recommendations. If you decide to do so, your Client Advisor will support a smooth transition of the requirements to our Professional Services team, and you’ll benefit from a discount on any professional services we provide.

Ready for your review?

On the day of the review, we ask you to make sure that a representative from your organisation — someone who’s familiar with your Lexis Visualfiles configuration and an end business user who will be utilising the system - is available to spend time with the Lexis Client Advisor.

To take advantage of a free 360 review contact your LexisNexis® Account Manager.

Lexis<sup>®</sup> Visualfiles<sup>™</sup> 360 preview
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