Lexis® Visualfiles Obfuscation Tool Data Sheet

How do you ensure your Lexis® Visualfiles systems aren’t putting your clients’ personal data at risk?

The Lexis Visualfiles Obfuscation Tool lets you easily mask sensitive data in copies of your Lexis Visualfiles production system. It enables your developers to safely build and test new workflows in fully functioning non-production test and development environments – without exposing your business to the risk of data loss or data protection fines.

Reduce your exposure to risk

By keeping sensitive and personal data out of non- production test and development environments, the Obfuscation Tool helps you to:

  • Avoid breaching data protection legislation and incurring hefty fines. Copying personal data into non-production environments could potentially breach data protection laws. And from 25 May 2018, when the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force, the consequences of such breaches become severe. From that date, the GDPR introduces fines of EUR20M or 4% of worldwide turnover (whichever is the higher) for breaches.

  • Reduce the impact of cyberattacks. Non-production environments are often more vulnerable to cyberattack than live systems. Hackers know this and so make them a target. You can reduce the financial and reputational risk of a successful attack on any of your non-production Lexis Visualfiles environments by keeping sensitive and personal data out of them.

  • Neutralise the danger of accidentally executing workflows. If your non-production environments contain real personal data, developers run the risk of triggering incorrect invoices, letters, or emails to actual individuals while testing workflows. This could easily cause damage to your brand that can be avoided by masking or replacing personal data.

Protect sensitive and personal data

As you create non-production environments, the Obfuscation Tool lets you quickly and flexibly mask, blank or replace data. You can:

  • Identify personal data in Lexis Visualfiles faster. The configuration utility flags where personal data is likely to be present in Lexis Visualfiles making it easy for you to quickly identify the data you need to protect.

  • Specify precisely how to treat sensitive or personal data. You have complete control over how you choose to blank, mask or substitute data.

  • Pull in dummy data from external datasets. When your developers want to work with data that is similar in kind to your live system, the Obfuscation Tool lets you easily replace actual with realistic-looking dummy data. This helps your developers ensure new functionality is robust without risking the use of actual data. You simply specify the external data source to pull in data from and which fields you wish to be replaced.

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