Lexis® Visualfiles Plot Sales Accelerator

Reduce operating costs. Enhance client service. Increase profitability.

If your business works with property developers and on the sale of plots, or it’s an area of law you’re considering, you’ll know that maximising profitability and ensuring the highest levels of client service depend on making the legal process around plot sales as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

The Lexis Visualfiles Plot Sales Accelerator can help. Using LexisNexis® best practice and working in partnership with subject experts, we’ve designed an out-of-the-box solution that simplifies the management of high-volume developments. With the Accelerator you’ll be able to deliver excellent service to your developer clients, while reducing the cost and effort related to the plot sale process - all using the industry-leading Lexis Visualfiles platform.

Increased efficiency through automation

The Plot Sales Accelerator makes it simple to manage a development site and the sale of its associated plots. With an electronic file for each development, you’ll have the flexibility of a single place to:

  • Manage the data relating to all the plots in the development.
  • Handle ad-hoc correspondence with local authorities, utility companies and other parties.
  • Gain an overview of all the plots in the development, so you always know which stage of the sale process each plot has reached.
Lexis<sup>®</sup> Visualfiles<sup>™</sup> Plot Sales Accelerator preview
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