Harlow District Council’s Legal Department Quickly Deploys Visualfiles

'Risk free & seamless' efficiency gains

With a population of over 86,000, Harlow District Council includes 11 wards in the county of Essex, close to the Hertfordshire border. The Council is responsible for local services including housing, planning applications, environmental health, leisure and amenities, council tax collection, recycling and rubbish collection.

As part of the Public Law Partnership, the Council’s legal department has been a longstanding user of the Visualfiles™ case management system, which Essex had developed to meet the varied needs of the Partnership. When the contract for Visualfiles with the Partnership was approaching renewal, Harlow Council decided it would be even more advantageous to introduce its own Visualfiles solution.

"Without Visualfiles, we would not be able to deliver effective legal services to Harlow’s population"

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