IBA Annual Conference Washington 2016

Start date: Sun, Sep 18, 2016

In September 2016, the International Bar Association’s Annual Conference will be held in the diverse and beautiful capital of the USA, Washington, DC.

The 2016 IBA Annual Conference will be held in Washington, DC, home to the federal government of the USA. Washington, DC is also an important centre for international organisations and is home to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, as well as a growing diversified business economy with easy access to the north east corridor cities of Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York.

The political centre of the USA, Washington, DC is home to some spectacular museums and iconic monuments clustered around the National Mall.

Washington, DC will give the 2016 IBA Annual Conference the perfect blend of opportunities for business, cultural exploration and to develop new contacts. This mix makes Washington, DC an ideal location for the world’s leading conference for international lawyers.

More information can be found on the IBA website

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