Briefing - Industry Interview: Solve the profitability problem

Business challenges come in as many shapes and sizes as there are firms to face them, and the pandemic has, of course, presented new ones. But innovation resources are finite. It’s sensible to think big at first, says Simon Farthing at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions.

As the latest lockdown starts to lift here in the UK, thoughts turn to becoming a bit more mobile and sociable once again. But more law firms, as many businesses, have now clarified that they won’t be expecting a return to an office-based working week. With the success of collaboration tools, and no visible signs of a productivity drop this past year, they are happy to go public on hybrid.

Those that don’t relish the daily commute as that sunlit transition time between work and home life – whether it’s final prep for a breakfast meeting, or getting into a good book rather than boxset binge – breathe a sigh of relief. And there is, of course, a serious case for hybrid supporting under-pressure work-life balance. Others, though, are concerned – for culture, in-person communication, relationships and development.

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