Bellwether Report: Is it the end for Partnerships?

Is it the end of the partnership model? It's certainly lost its appeal over the years according to our latest Bellwether report – The Race to Evolve. You told us that the traditional partnership model is no longer the most widely used with partnerships, only accounting for 29% of firms whereas almost half of the firms we spoke to in 2013 were partnerships.

In fact, back in 2013, partnerships and non-partnerships were roughly equal in their market uptake (47% and 50% respectively). But while partnership models have declined, non-partnerships have increased, now being used by 69% of firms.

During our research, it became clear that there had been a change in the structure of law firms in recent years, but we wanted to know more, so we dug deeper into the issue and produced a special briefing: Is it the end for Partnerships? on our findings.