Bellwether Report: The Race to Evolve

In today's rapidly changing legal landscape there are unprecedented opportunities to streamline working practices and satisfy an increasingly tech-savvy and informed client base, but will law firms answer the call to adapt and evolve, or get left behind?

Following on from May's Bellwether One: The Art of Success, our second market research report for 2017 ‘Bellwether Report: The Race to Evolve' has just been published. It takes the temperature of a legal profession on the cusp of major change – the calm before the storm when present meets future, and tomorrow's technology becomes today's must-have.

We explore how small law firms are tackling the pressures of change in the profession-wide race to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to client-centric, forward-thinking, efficient service.

The crux of the matter is efficiency. What does it mean to lawyers in today's market, and do they value it in the same way as their clients? How do they believe they can deliver it, and are they succeeding? Whether they realise it or not, law firms are in a race to evolve – and they cannot afford to lose.

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Bellwether Report: The Race to Evolve preview