Briefing Legal IT Landscape 2019 Report

Legal IT landscapes 2019 suggests that within legal there remains a disproportionate hesitation in cloud adoption, underpinned primarily by concerns about security risks – contrary to all the evidence, Sponsor Comment 'Winner Time' by Andy Sparks, General Manager of LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions

From Machine Learning to MI, portals to pricing, once again we reveal which areas of tech lie where on our axes of law firm efficiency and competitiveness; probe how much you’re investing in future-proofing; and for 2019 we give extra consideration to where the trend for greater innovation is being directed. We believe the market could well be staring at a defining moment of choice between one strategic course and another.

Read Andy Sparkes' article here or use the link below to read the full Briefing Legal IT Landscape 2019 Report.

Briefing Legal IT Landscape 2019 Report preview
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