The future-proofed firm

Your Conveyancer chief executive Kyle Peddie and IT director Steven Lilly discuss moving the business forward.

One of the firm’s add-on offerings is client access to management information online, including reports on the number of cases instructed, their status, duration and completion. “All those case management functions are within our CMS, Visualfiles,” says Peddie, “and with our expanding online offerings, it’s important to have up-to-date software that translates to the very best service for our clients.”

For Lilly, the advantages also lie in enterprise capability. “The things we can do with the latest version of Visualfiles are allowing us to further future-proof the solution – and it gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors.” Year-end revenue results have doubled since 2013, says Peddie, and now the business is planning to take all its remaining critical IT infrastructure into the ‘hosted environment’.

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