Lexis® Everyfile, the New Firmwide Matter Management Solution to Meet the Demands of the Modern Law Firm

Lexis® Everyfile, the new, powerful, web-based, matter management (and more) application.

LONDON, U.K., 11 October 2023LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions today announces the launch and general availability of Lexis® Everyfile, a new, powerful, web-based, matter management (and more) application, available on Microsoft Azure. Lexis Everyfile has been carefully developed to empower law firms to meet the increasing challenges of the legal industry, with a vision to be the single solution that works for everyone across the whole firm, working on any file in any part of the world.

The application provides a firmwide foundation to enable efficient legal service delivery for every matter. Underpinning multiple work types and supporting lawyers who choose to work in a less prescriptive way, it is a digital file that offers the ability to manage all critical components of any legal transaction in a way that suits every lawyer, in any practice area.

Andrew Lindsay, General Manager of LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions, comments:

“We are delighted to announce the launch of Lexis Everyfile and provide our clients and the legal industry with a new specialised solution. It is designed to manage the “missing middle” in a law firm’s technology stack, inclusive of key matter metadata that is not captured in traditional PMS, DMS or CRM systems. This data is valuable, and key to providing best value client service, whilst capturing and building knowledge and experience into any of the firm’s systems, that will inform the next generation’s decision making.”

Lexis Everyfile has been developed to provide users, including practice leads, lawyers, paralegals, and support staff with secure, powerful, and intuitive legal and business tools, that encompass everything from data capture, MI reporting, contact management, date management and process management, through to ease of access to documents, communication templates and financial information, all available on firm-approved devices, be that laptop, phone, or tablet. This means that users can easily access and view their cases from anywhere, at any time and from any device, via their web browser.

Customisable dashboards provide insightful information by department, practice areas and cases, down to a granular level. Document and template production is possible from within the application, which is seamlessly integrated into the firm’s chosen document and email management solution.

As part of LexisNexis, a global strategic partner of Microsoft, Lexis Everyfile is available on the Azure marketplace and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 applications to deliver a flexible and familiar user experience.

Nigel Williams, Product Director at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions, explains:

“Lexis Everyfile’s ability to create a framework for any legal practice is important as it enables connectivity for both users and the legal technology systems deployed within the firm. By offering a customisable, all-encompassing digital file, we are enabling our clients to revolutionise their legal service delivery, not only by connecting their users on a global scale, but by providing a single firm-wide solution.

“This solution has been developed based on direct insight into the challenges modern legal practices face. With a dedicated team of digital transformation experts on hand to advise, deploy and deliver Lexis Everyfile into any law firm, such collaborations help us to deliver the solutions that are really needed by law firms to help them stay ahead in today’s global, competitive market.”

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Lexis<sup>®</sup> Everyfile, the New Firmwide Matter Management Solution to Meet the Demands of the Modern Law Firm preview