London Court of International Arbitration Invests in LexisNexis Visualfiles to Enhance Quality of Service, Boost Efficiency and Augment Global Competitiveness

LONDON, U.K., 2 June 2021 – LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions today announced that the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), ranked among the top three arbitration institutions globally, is investing in legal workflow and case management system, Lexis®  Visualfiles™.  With this deployment, the LCIA will leverage sophisticated technical capabilities to boost business efficiency and enhance the quality of service to its many international users. The business intelligence derived from real-time management information will enable LCIA to make informed strategic business decisions. The superior data management and security capability provided by the technology will greatly facilitate compliance with data protection obligations.

Once deployed, the LCIA team will experience productivity gains from using Visualfiles. Typically, the LCIA attracts over 450 new cases annually, from all over the world.

Jacomijn van Haersolte-van Hof, Director General of the LCIA, said, “We have always recognised that the smart use of technology is important to the delivery of an excellent service to our users, something which our experience during the pandemic has emphasised. We are streamlining our processes with the adoption of Visualfiles as our internal case management system, a move which has enabled us to take a fresh approach to the administration of LCIA cases alongside the introduction of the LCIA Rules 2020, which promote the use of technology to improve efficiency. This is a major strategic investment for us, and we selected Visualfiles after a careful review of all the options. Visualfiles will enable the Registrar and Counsel to deliver an even better service to users, and the LCIA to maintain its reputation for excellent case management.” 

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