Fletcher Longstaff Invests in Visualfiles™ to Drive Profitability and Stay One Step Ahead

Visualfiles to streamline business processes across Fletcher Longstaff

LONDON, U.K., 17 May 2018 – Residential conveyancing and property law firm, Fletcher Longstaff Limited, is deploying legal workflow and case management solution, Lexis® Visualfiles™ to improve productivity and hence profitability. By streamlining and automating business processes – from quote development through to completion of conveyancing transactions – Fletcher Longstaff will achieve time savings and efficiency gains that will improve productivity and enable the business to easily scale in tune with strategic objectives.

Fletcher Longstaff will use the Visualfiles Conveyancing Accelerator to help realise this benefit quickly. This Accelerator provides rapid access to a comprehensive suite of conveyancing workflows – from quotation and instruction through to linked sale and purchase, re-mortgage and transfer of equity.

Visualfiles' proven reputation as a leader in the conveyancing sector was a major factor in the decision-making process. In addition to the accelerated deployment, Fletcher Longstaff will be able to use the flexible tools within Visualfiles to integrate with third-party applications and enable customisation of their business processes where necessary. Visualfiles' Automated Intelligence capabilities will help Fletcher Longstaff optimise its delivery model to help drive efficiencies. The firm will exploit the Visualfiles Online web portal to provide 24/7 accessibility for clients and work providers via mobile and web.

"We are investing in Visualfiles to enable us to stay a step ahead in the game," Adam Cheal, Director at Fletcher Longstaff Limited, commented. "We are taking a comprehensive and long-term view for technology adoption. While initially, Visualfiles will help us to get off the ground quickly, the flexibility it gives us to customise the platform and deploy other complementary applications is something no other solution on the market is able to offer. In adopting Visualfiles, we are future-proofing our technology; and over time, as we create our own unique workflows and processes, we will be developing our own IP. For a firm of our size, this would not be possible without a system like Visualfiles."

You can learn more about Fletcher Longstaff on their website.

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