Nelsons Solicitors Selects Lexis® Visualfiles™ to Improve Business Efficiency and Stay Ahead of Market Trends

Nelsons Solicitors, a full-service law firm in the East Midlands, provides advice on almost every area of personal and commercial law, in addition to offering a wide range of online services. The firm has offices in Nottingham, Leicester and Derby.

Matthew Riches, Partner & Director of IT at Nelsons Solicitors, talks to LexisNexis® Enterprise Solutions about the firm’s reasons for implementing legal workflow and case management system, Lexis® VisualFiles™ and the firm’s general approach to technology adoption and the wider business strategy.

What is Nelsons Solicitors’ business reason for investing in Lexis Visualfiles?

Matthew Riches: We base our technology investment plans in and around areas we’ve identified where business efficiency could be improved; and consequently, where it can create the best return for the business. We are initially implementing Visualfiles in our conveyancing and probate practices, as these are two key business areas where the solution will quickly deliver a benefit.

We feel that the nature of the work in these practice areas lends itself to case management as many processes can be assisted by various types of automation, reducing fee earner time spent on repetitive or simple tasks, and freeing them up to work on the tasks where they can really add value for clients. With the ongoing changes to the legal market and consumer facing services being offered by a growing range of providers, we are cognisant of the risks these trends potentially pose to traditional practices. Visualfiles will allow us to make ongoing changes and process improvements in these departments to ensure that we can innovate in our service offering, stay ahead of market trends and maintain our competitive advantage, now and in the future.

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