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Your Data Visualisation Strategy

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Through his three-blog series on ‘Data Visualisation Strategy’ Karl Southern provides a template of points to discuss and consider across three broad themes – ‘Content’, ‘Context’ and ‘Capability’.

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune

Posted by Karl Southern | Jan 04, 2017

In the humble opinion of the author, there is nothing nobler than being nerdy. It is against a backdrop of…

I do not fear truth

Posted by Karl Southern | Jan 11, 2017

Having aligned one duck in my previous piece, we now continue our journey to empirical nirvana by talking…

Are you just another person with an opinion?

Posted by Karl Southern | Jan 18, 2017

My ambitions are modest in comparison. I have three ducks to align on my path to empirical nirvana and so…

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In an IT career that has spanned well over twenty five years, Karl spent time in consultancy, operations, product management and solutions design. As a Client Advisor, he is here to help you get the most from your systems and can bring that variety of experience with him to help you. Some of his colleagues have pointed out that he is a geek by nature due to his keen interest in all things technical. Particular areas of focus include integration and mobility. His spare time is taken up with walking (slowly), basketball (also slowly), and photography (excruciatingly slowly). He also maintains an extensive computer lab at home. The “geek” tag is probably well deserved.

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