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Simone Shell Champions Customer Engagement and Delight at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions article image

Simone Shell Champions Customer Engagement and Delight at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions

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Customer experience sits at the heart of LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions (LNES) and the appointment of Simone Shell as Customer Engagement Champion is another concrete step in this direction. Simone, who has been with LexisNexis for 10 years, has extensive experience in this space, alongside change management, organisational development, internal communications and sales. In fact, in the last three years at LexisNexis UK, she headed up internal communications and change management and has driven key programmes such as cultural transformation within the business.

She is well poised for the role at LNES. We spoke to Simone to understand how she will drive customer delight at LNES:

Why this move from LexisNexis UK to LNES?

Simone Shell: This role is a great opportunity for me, both personally and professionally. Professionally, Customer engagement is an area where my skillset and passion lie. Leading a programme that puts the customer at the heart of everything we do to drive improvement in the experience we deliver, is a truly exciting opportunity. Having been part of the wider LexisNexis family for nearly a decade, I have knowledge of LNES, and have had an aspiration to join this business, because I know what a great place this is to work! Together with my experience in customer engagement, I feel this is a great fit and I'm pleased to be able to hit the ground running, and yet still bring a fresh perspective. On a more personal level it's great to work in Leeds so that I'm closer to home in York, which is important to me as I have a young toddler.

Is this a new role that has been created at LNES?

Simone Shell: This is a new role. While customer engagement is a key focus area for many teams, like Client Advising and Professional Services who are already dedicated to drive customer experience and delight, this role facilitates a more holistic view. I'll be working across the business to drive customer engagement and help us bring together and deliver on key initiatives that will positively impact our customer experience.

How are you approaching this role at LNES?

Simone Shell: Everyone in the organisation bears the responsibility for customer engagement, directly or indirectly. My role is to pull it all together into one programme and make customer delight measurable and more sophisticated. The aim is to help the organisation understand what customers really think and work more closely with them at every touch point – to consistently advance the conversation and strengthen the relationships we have. The aim is to drive excellence in the experience we deliver to our customers.

Are there any practices you will use to drive customer delight?

Simone Shell: Customer journey mapping is a key practice that will help us determine 'moments of truths' – what we do well and where we can improve to truly delight our customers. I'm excited to drive this forward and make a difference to our customers' experience.

Presently, we measure customer delight with our NPS programme, but in the future, I would like to build on this firm foundation and add new ways for our customers to interact and communicate with us. For instance, we could have an in-app capability in our products that would ask customers for feedback at key touch points.

Another aspect I'd like to look at is what we do with that data. I'd like for us to get to a stage where we are able to provide automatic live feedback to product teams so that they can more easily take tangible steps to innovate and make our solutions even better. And with innovation high on the agenda and an integral part of the culture at LNES, this seems like a natural extension of what we already do and I'm keen to help facilitate this agile and innovative way of working.

Have you identified any 'quick wins' in this space?

Simone Shell: Straight away, I'm looking at optimising how we get feedback from our customers and how we best surface trends and insight. Additionally, there are areas where improvements can be made, which we will be able to talk about in due course.

Is there an aspect of this function that you are particularly passionate about?

Simone Shell: I'm keen to make it easy for customers to give us feedback, have open and honest conversations so that we continue to evolve and be ever better to do business with. I'd like to ensure that customers understand why giving candid feedback is important to us and indeed to them.

At the same time, I appreciate the power of internal communication in achieving our customer delight goals. I'm passionate about clearly defining how we each make a difference to customer engagement.

Thereafter, it is imperative that we marry our approach with our organisational values of #Trust #Thirst #Fun #Together and #Open. This is critical to success of our customer engagement programme as our organisational values must be reflected in all our interactions.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your interests and hobbies.

Simone Shell: I live in York with my husband and cheeky 20-month-old son. I love travelling, spending quality time with family and being active – currently though I'm mostly running after my son, who keeps me on my toes. I used to be a figure skating coach. I've dabbled in surfing in Australia, but quickly gave up after I saw a shark swim just beneath me.

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